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Hee Jeong Lee asked 12 months ago

Hi Melvin,
Thank you for your answers of my previous two questions. They were really helpful.
Now my language center is making e-learning contents and we plan to do video hosting among members only.
I know Vimeo is the best venue for this since it is private and the price is reasonable.
However, I am just wondering whether you know any other suggestions.
Thank you for your time once again.

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Melvin Wong Staff answered 12 months ago

Here are other popular options.

  • YouTube for the obvious free reason if you don’t mind the ads and Youtube logo. To keep your videos looking clean on your site, you can remove the video title and info header on your YouTube videos when you’re embedding them on your site, as well as the video suggestion pop-up. Here’s a sample video. One particular thing that is stopping me from using YouTube for premium videos is that it gives a “cheap” impression to my audience. Furthermore, there’s the permanent YouTube logo at the bottom right corner that viewer could easily jump to their site to watch the video. YouTube video demonstration - with and without title and video suggestions
  • Use DailyMotion if you’re looking for free video hosting with less branding from them.  Maximum size per video is 2GB and max length is 60 minutes. Here’s a sample.DailyMotion Sample Video With Less Branding
  • Vimeo also offers free account via their basic plan but keep your total video size to be under 5GB, which may not work for you.
  • Wista is the other premium option but I never used it before. And their price is a lot higher than Vimeo. It starts at $99 per month AND you need to add $0.25 for each video you uploaded. Vimeo Plus plan (min premium plan) is going for only $7 monthly with 250GB annual video storage.

Ultimately, I highly suggest that you use Vimeo paid plan if you want to host premium videos. They are the most value of money out there. I’m subscribing to their Pro plan and I’m not regretting since.

P/S: I’m glad you find my previous answers helpful. If you have more questions, feel free to ask.

Melvin Wong Staff replied 11 months ago

Hi Jasmine,

Just checking in to see if you need more assistance. If you need more help on this matter, don’t hesitate to leave a comment here.