Q&ACategory: GeneralHow to start a business overseas?
Admin bar avatarRaja C asked 1 year ago

I am from India. If I want to start a business in other countries, is it easy to start?

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Melvin Wong Staff answered 1 year ago

Generally, it is harder to start a business in other countries than yours unless you’re very familiar with that overseas country. You have to ask yourself,

  • Why do I want to start a business in a particular country? Is it because of the target market? Market size? Better regulation? Cheaper in cost? Better opportunity to raise funds?
  • How much money am I willing to spend? You’d need to pay for company registration and other paperwork. You also need to hire people in that country to help you operate.
  • Do I understand the overseas market? Factors such as language, consumer and working culture, buying behavior, disposable income, governmental regulations and even weather need to be thoroughly considered.

If you can’t justify the questions above, then I’d suggest that you don’t. Only consider starting a new corporation overseas when you have compelling and justifiable reasons (and having the funds and resources) for you to do so. Instead, I would suggest the following.

  • Find a local partner in those countries  – distributor, marketer, retailer, agent, etc. This may require you to hunt and find a reliable partner and the process will take time.
  • Go online and sell to them online – this takes a shorter time but it depends on what you’re selling. Nonetheless, in today’s globalized and ecommerce-powered economy, you’d have a better chance selling to the target markets in those countries via the online way. Prepare to spend on marketing.
Melvin Wong Staff replied 11 months ago

I hope my answer above was helpful. If you need more help, please post here or you may open a new private question.