Opening a Corporate Bank Account in Paris

Opening French corporate bank account

Just a quick note to understand French banks. This account is called ‘professional’ accounts. This is a tricky step in the process of creating a bank account for your business.

You need a bank account of course to receive all the future Euros but first, you will need to lock some money away, money as a contribution to begin the company. This money is key, it will become your social capital. People say it doesn’t matter if you just put anything above 1 thousand euros but in reality the bigger the number the better.

I’ve heard of people asking their rich uncle to transfer 20K€ just to show that you have the commitment for the company and then it is easier for you to ask for subventions. It’s funny because the subventions should be for the ones who really need them, but no, it seems that money comes for the ones who already have more. That’s a long discussion I could expand more over a cup of coffee. Anyway if you know what you are doing go for it otherwise get a good accountant.

In order to create a business you will need to put some real money in the bank as a temporary caution, you will have to ask for an RDV (meaning appointment in French), explain to the bank counselor you need a bank account for the business, you will need to submit your STATUTES (a long official document about your company) that say that you are the one that can manage and withdraw the money and then they will give you a temporary account number (RIB) to do a wire transfer to that account. Consider that money not necessary for subsistence. I mean they will hold it until you get the approval from the Greffe and if you have any inconvenient you will have to sort it out before using that money again. So bear with me that money gets locked until you get the yes from the Greffe, Chamber of commerce and you have to notify the bank counselor when you receive the SIRET (like company registration number) or your company ID.

This money becomes your social capital and it will be shown everywhere, the way I see it is that this is a money to proof that you are creating a business for real. Below are your options of banks.

I’d recommend you go to BNP Paribas. Of you need a recommendation let me Know

Option #1 – Corporate Banking with Qonto

If you are with Station F, go into Hal, under perks just go and look for their option. Please note that the last time someone tried to open a bank account, they rejected the person’s proof of residence from Flatmates.

Option #2 – Societé Generale

  • You’ll get the benefits as listed here.
  • But the most important is a 2 year commission-free deal on your bank account, and in your Visa Premier (Gold Card) as well.
  • You’ll get a RIB from a French Bank ( This solves lots of problems)
  • You’ll get a direct contact – counselor
  • Contact person is Laurent

The steps are quite simple:

  • You could write an email to schedule the appointment.
  • Then you bring proof of residence, your passport and your company statutes to the meeting.
  • They create a provisional RIB for you to transfer the initial social capital.
  • you should make a transfer and then wait for the attestation.


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