Incorporating a Company in Paris (SAS/SASU)

Incorporating company in France

Do note that the time it takes to incorporate your  SAS/SASU company in France is more than one month when taking into consideration the tonnes of paperwork that you need to prepare. As of this writing, it’s virtually impossible to incorporate a SAS/SASU company in France with your receipt (rêcépissé) of your carte de sejour or Passeport Talent visa 313 20 6. You need to wait until you actually receive the residence card. Here’s more information about incorporating a SAS company. 

Before you do anything try to get a meeting with anyone at the CCI or contact Mr. Nicolas Desruelles.

From my personal experience, I don’t like paying for things I could do on my own, you gotta live the lean startup mantra right? (obviously, I’m not going to tell anyone that don’t have any money to afford consultants or lawyers) but I’ve had experience creating business before and is not as tough as you might think if you just pay attention to details, and you will learn a lot by doing things by yourself, believe me, by the end of the process you’ll get to meet – in person – with every stakeholder involved in the process, and that’s something you’ll only get to learn by doing.

1. Download Statutes for SAS or SASU

Understand the SAS company and download a model or template and fill the information for your company, you could download a copy of your competitors’ statutes to learn and adapt what you need to take into account for your template. This is a template here or go get it here
or use this -> Modèle_Statuts_SASU_Legalstart.

Refer to the checklist at Legalstart. Obviously this is just my personal recommendation, this is not the official way of doing things. You could pay a couple of hundred Euros to an online service, wait for a month to get your KBIS (pronounced K bis. It is an official document attesting to the legal existence of a commercial enterprise in France), but honestly, I don’t like that path, and here’s how I did it

2. Meet with the Bank

Please go take a look at the article about setting up a corporate bank account in France and set up the initial deposit.

3. Purchase a Legal Advertisement

Buy an ad on Le Parisien website for 125 euros and after you pay you are going to receive right away a certificate in your email showing your ad to be printed.

4. Organize Your Folder – Dossier

Fill out some documents and print all of them (front and back on one A4 is fine). Based on page 19 to 21 of this guide from Legalstart you need to have the below.

  • Your document of identity a.k.a Pièce d’identité – your photocopy of your passport and carte de sejour.
  • Fill the M0 form. You could follow this guide here but in reality, this form has many tricks so just asks the counselor at the CCI to help you fill it out online on their computer (that’s what you’re paying them for).
  • Office address. If you are a Station F founder, you CANNOT use Station F address or Flatmates address either. You can rent a virtual address from several companies, there are perks on Station F HAL  like Digidom (recommended) or Sedomicilier. You also need to show them proof of your personal residence like your electricity bill of your apartment a.k.a justificatif du siège social with another document called attestation de domiciliation signed by the president and proof of residence (see housing hack). Sadly Sedomicilier doesn’t accept Flatmates proof of residence.
  • The certificate stating where you were born, who your parents are and that you are not being sued or punished by the law aka Declaration de Non-condamnation signed by the president (which is you the company owner).
  • The document from the newspaper a.k.a Attestation de parution de l’annonce légale from Le Parisien (see step #3 above).
  • There are two documents that are not included but CCI made me fill out one document stating how the capital is distributed between shareholders. But if you don’t have it don’t worry they will provide a model for you at the CCI.

5. Go to the Chamber of Commerce (CCI) in Paris or Go to a CCI in Your Area

First, you create an account here and then follow the steps of creating a societe (not an individual enterprise) and then you are given the information on where to go to bring the information. You’ll have to pay an executive around 60-70 euros and they will help you submit your paperwork. But why do I have to deal with all these offline bureaucracies? Well maybe because if you go directly to the Centre de Formalités des Entreprises with all the documentation you could create your business in one day. Chances are you will not be able to get all the paperwork done, even if you are fluent in French.

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