Getting Your First French Mobile Number

Getting your first French mobile line

Just a quick note on how the French mobile industry works. We have a big local players and foreign solutions. Orange is one of the leading players, has great coverage but is the most expensive. Then you have SFR or Bouygues which are like the same idea. Then you have the company of the founder of Station F and is the option you might need as it is the most affordable one, it’s called ‘Free‘ but their NOT free at all.

This is my recommended option for a mobile line without paying for a long-term contract (post-paid) is getting one number from Free Mobile paying an around 9 euros per month and you can get it from their digital vending machine (kiosk) and then you’ll be able to recharge it or to schedule a ‘prélèvement’ automatically. You can ask them to auto-debit your debit/credit card each month.

This is a good option for those without French RIB (bank account) cause if you have the RIB you can go and also get a brand new phone with a mobile plan.

Go to Free’s digital vending machine to get one. Here you’ll find a list of places that have the kiosks usually inside a newsstand or book store –

For kiosk nearest to Station F, from a subway station, you take métro 6 and 7 and you’ll be there in 10 minutes at Les Gobelins.

There are also other options like Lyca Mobile or SFR. Where you can buy a prepaid card for less than 15 euros with unlimited minutes to call in Paris for 30 days + 10Gb for internet access. You may consider moving to a mobile line with a big operator as the plan might offer a better deal.

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