Answer for which-facebook-ad-should-i-choose-for-my-startup-language-center

Thanks for the question Jasmine,

If you decided to use images, I’d suggest that you ensure your image is engaging and compelling. Here are few tips,

  • Use human faces in your images. People like to look at other people, especially females since males and females both like to look at females. We males, we generally don’t look at other men. 🙂
  • Show emotions, expressions on their faces. Since you’re running a discount promotion for a language center, you may think of expressions such as excited, happy, thrilled, etc.
  • For the choice of race? This depends on countries. But for learning language program, I’d suggest showing a foreign person and a local person. Which implies the foreigner is the teacher teaching the local student their language.
  • But remember that you should NOT have more than 20% text on your images –  read this rule from Facebook.
  • To find copyright-free stock photos, try Pixabay, Unsplash, Pexels, LibreStock, or even Flickr but check the license of each photo.

For the Facebook ad format, I’d suggest video than image. Below are my recommendations.

  • Carousel: No, since you don’t have multiple products or portfolio to show.
  • Single image: Yes, follow the tips above.
  • Single video: Even better. By the way, try out the Facebook Video Creation Kit shown below. It’s really easy to use to create simple videos using still images. Here’s a YouTube demo on how it works.

    Facebook Ad Video Creation Kit

  • Slideshow: No, I don’t think this is suitable for your business. Same reason as carousel. And people don’t stay that long on a particular news feed section. They scroll all the time so they will miss your slides.


Melvin Wong

Melvin Wong is the Founder of Kodorra. He's an award-winning entrepreneur with global business experience in 17 countries covering U.S, Europe, Asia and South America. Melvin sold his online sports games company to an American/Japanese company in Los Angeles.

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