User Interaction on SEO

User interaction on seo

Learn how user behavior on your website influences your website ranking on Google search results. This course covers multiple aspects of website traffic that could improve or worsen your website SEO ranking such as the number of visits, bounce rate, time on site and more. All tools used in this course are free.

What Will I Learn?

  • Know what website traffic data could influence website ranking.
  • Learn the use of Google Analytics to measure website traffic.
  • Discover if click thru rate (CTR) from search results could be an SEO ranking factor.



  • Basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Join our SEO introductory course.
  • No programming or HTML skills required.


Melvin Wong is the Founder of Kodorra. He's an award-winning entrepreneur with global business experience in 17 countries covering U.S, Europe, Asia and South America. Melvin sold his online sports games company to an American/Japanese company in Los Angeles.

Having been a speaker, mentor and judge at numerous entrepreneurship events and competitions, Melvin embodies the “pay it forward” principle where he finds time to educate and assist upcoming entrepreneurs and professionals to be all they can be.



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