Send Mass Emails Legitimately

Send Mass Emails Legitimately and Affordably

If you’re considering sending lots of emails (more than 50,000 recipients), this course shall provide you the know-how on how to do so cost effectively and within the governing laws. You’ll be learning how to use commercial-grade emailing tools for free like Amazon AWS Simple Email Service (SES), SendGrid, phpList and more.

The instructor used the same tools in his business, and he shall demonstrate how you could effectively use them in yours.

What Will I Learn?

  • Send up to 62,000 emails for free.
  • Discover what is email spam and what is not spam.
  • Identify what you should do and should not do when emailing in US, UK, EU, Asia and other major countries.
  • Learn to keep your email list clean.
  • Track the results of your email messages.



  • You’re recommended to enroll in this beginner’s course prior to joining this course.
  • Suitable for all types of businesses – online or traditional offline.
  • Some web hosting management skills are an added advantage.


Note: There’s a little bit of echo in the audio, but this has been fixed in other courses.
Credit: Presentation slide used in this course is provided by SlidesCarnival for free.

Course Content

Total learning: 59 lessons Time: 2 hours


Melvin Wong is the Founder of Kodorra. He's an award-winning entrepreneur with global business experience in 17 countries covering U.S, Europe, Asia and South America. Melvin sold his online sports games company to an American/Japanese company in Los Angeles.

Having been a speaker, mentor and judge at numerous entrepreneurship events and competitions, Melvin embodies the “pay it forward” principle where he finds time to educate and assist upcoming entrepreneurs and professionals to be all they can be.



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