Run Email Marketing With Zero Cost

Getting started with email marketing

Learn how to start email marketing without paying for tools or software. Ok, so you might need to spend a little on a domain name and hosting a website, but that’s it! You’ll be using industrial-grade tools like MailChimp, WordPress and more without the fees.

This course offers details with real-life examples and case studies. Some are from the instructor’s 14 years of experience as an entrepreneur. He ran his own email marketing campaigns without paying much.

What Will I Learn?

  • Start email marketing with almost free of cost.
  • Discover what is email spam and what is not spam.
  • Build a vast email database and learn how to keep them clean.
  • Design effective email messages that people want to open and read.
  • Get your emails into the Inbox, NOT Junkbox.
  • Avoid being blacklisted.
  • Check your reputation as an email marketer.



  • No experience required.
  • Suitable for all types of businesses – online or traditional offline.
  • Some WordPress and web hosting management skills are an added advantage. Enroll in this WordPress course.



  • Jun 12, 2019 – New Lesson: Delist Your IP From Apple iCloud Mail Server Blocklist
  • Jun 12, 2019 – New Lesson: Delist Your IP From Microsoft Outlook Mail Server Blocklist


Note: There’s a little bit of echo in the audio, but this has been fixed in other courses.
Credit: Presentation slide used in this course is provided by SlidesCarnival for free.

Course Content

Total learning: 46 lessons Time: 3 hours


Melvin Wong is the Founder of Kodorra. He's an award-winning entrepreneur with global business experience in 17 countries covering U.S, Europe, Asia and South America. Melvin sold his online sports games company to an American/Japanese company in Los Angeles.

Having been a speaker, mentor and judge at numerous entrepreneurship events and competitions, Melvin embodies the “pay it forward” principle where he finds time to educate and assist upcoming entrepreneurs and professionals to be all they can be.



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  • Abdul Khaaliq bin Ahmad

    I can't understand how is it this course cost barely a fraction of a cost contains so much information, tips & cost effective method to grow my business, I've never seen a course so easy to follow and yet so powerful.

    I'm extremely excited to start implementing what I've learned and seriously I'm hungry for more for the next course.
  • Fong Pin Hoong

    A complete and detailed email marketing course compared to others.

    The instructor really puts a lot of effort to guide a beginner like me. And he's not asking you to pay for expensive email software. Also, he use the simple English that is easy to understand and learn. Just what I needed. Great Course ! 10 Stars !
  • Chung Swee Ann

    The instructor has in depth understanding of the subjects and he used them in his own business, which I find practical and useful in my own business.

    Furthermore the tools he introduced are mostly free or minimal costs, great for us who want to do more but save costs at the same time. Look forward to your new courses.
  • Alexander Lim

    This is a great course.

    In this course, you will learn from intro to details to hands-on. Just follow through the course and at the end of the course you will have your own campaign setup tailored to your business, products, services, and opportunities.
  • FoodTech Startup

    I like the way he explains the concepts and touch on things I did not realise was very important like spam laws.

    Clear delivery and good command of English.
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