Beginner’s Course to Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Beginners course to blockchain and cryptocurrency – coming soon

Coming Soon

If you’re having a hard time understanding the concept of blockchain and cryptocurrency, you’re not alone. These two technologies are by no means simple in a layman’s standard. This course is meant to break that complex barrier of entry to enable anyone to truly comprehend these two superior innovations that often work hand in hand. This guide also clarifies the common misconceptions and misinterpretations of cryptocurrency and blockchain that often further confuse us and decelerate their adoption.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn what is blockchain (distributed ledger technology) and cryptocurrency and why it matters to you and your business.
  • Discover why they were invented and how the 2007-08 financial crisis paved the way for the creation of Bitcoin, the world’s first and most valuable cryptocurrency.
  • Understand how both technologies work together and if they are inseparable.
  • Solve the chicken and egg dilemma between blockchain and cryptocurrency – which actually came first.
  • Know what is Byzantine fault tolerance and how it plays a role in the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Discover the common misconceptions of these two innovations amongst beginners and experts.
  • Discover the different types of blockchains and cryptocurrencies and their differences.
  • Know the difference between a coin and a token.
  • Find out the different types of wallets and their pros and cons.
  • Learn the many jargons surrounding the industry – decentralization, fiat, fork, consensus, hash,  Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, Segwit, wallet, smart contract, whale, mining pool, 51% attack, ASIC miner, node, hodl, tokens, altcoins, ICO, FOMO, dapp and a lot more.


  • No experience required. Well, at least some knowledge of computer and the Internet and how they work.

Course Content

Time: 1 hour

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Melvin Wong is the Founder of Kodorra. He's an award-winning entrepreneur with global business experience in 17 countries covering U.S, Europe, Asia and South America. Melvin sold his online sports games company to an American/Japanese company in Los Angeles.

Having been a speaker, mentor and judge at numerous entrepreneurship events and competitions, Melvin embodies the “pay it forward” principle where he finds time to educate and assist upcoming entrepreneurs and professionals to be all they can be.



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