Comparison Between Website and Facebook Page

Website vs facebook

When you’re starting a business, especially a traditional offline company, please know the difference between a Facebook page and a website. It’s easy for a new business to just rely on their Facebook page as their simple mean to have an online presence but one should know the difference between the two. A Facebook page serves as a social media tool to engage with social media users while a website offers a much comprehensive outlook of your business as we know it.

I’d personally advise every company to have both as each has its own benefits and they are not meant to replace one another. Instead, both complement each other pretty well.

A website is meant to inform and educate someone about your business or startup while a Facebook page purely performs engagement or news updates with comments and likes although the difference between the two is becoming more blurry. You could get website visitors to like, share or comment your webpages like a blog post on Facebook but it’s rather difficult for an FB fan page to replicate what a website does so well – provide easy access and easy navigation to informational content on-demand. Conversely, a Facebook is already hosted by Facebook so you don’t need to spend the money on purchasing a domain name and a web hosting account. Clearly, it’s ultra-fast to start an FB page – in less than 10 minutes – while website takes some effort to build. This effort is quickly diminishing as more powerful web building tools such as WordPress, Joomla, WiX and Weebly are available for free or for a fee (Disclaimer: this website is powered by WordPress).


On a website, you could have the following, if you’re willing to invest the small amount on domain name and web hosting, and taking the time to build the site or hiring a web designer.

Your own design: Yes

You are in control: Yes

Easy to find info: Yes

Easy to navigate: Yes

SEO-friendly: Yes

Give more credibility to your business: Yes

Give better online identity: Yes

Offer easy interaction with users: No

Require domain name and web hosting service: Yes

Require web design skill: Yes


Here are the things you could and could not have on an FB page.

Your own design: No

You are in control: No

Easy to find info: No

Easy to navigate: No

SEO-friendly: No

Give more credibility to your business: No

Give better online identity: No

Offer easy interaction with users: Yes

Require domain name and web hosting service: No

Require web design skill: No

Comparison Table

Below is the comparison table that depicts a clearer picture between the two.

Comparison between website and Facebook page

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