Applying For French Residence Permit (Titre de Sejour a.k.a Carte de Sejour)

Carte de sejour

“Sejour” means residence so “carte the sejour” means residence card or residence permit. It allows you to work and run your startup in France renewable every four years. Firstly, you should arrive in France with your Passeport Talent. Check your current passport for the remarks below.

Remarks: PT.TALENTS L313-20 6°

Which means you already have the passeport talent visa 313-20-6 . The process of applying usually takes about 5 to 8 weeks so you should do at the French Embassy in your country before you arrived in Station F or Paris.

#1. If you are in living anywhere in Paris (not île de France)

Write an email in French (gotta be in French) requesting an appointment to the following email address:

Attach the picture of your Passport and VISA talent Passport
Copy and paste the text below in the email.

Madame, Monsieur,

Par la présente, je vous transmets ma demande officielle de la carte de séjour pluriannuelle “passeport talent”.

Vous trouverez ci-joint les passeports de ma famille, ainsi que les lettres envoyées par La French Tech.

Je me tiens à votre entière disposition pour vous apporter tout renseignement complémentaire ou pour vous fournir toute pièce supplémentaire que vous jugerez utile de me demander.

Dans l’attente de vous lire, veuillez agréer, Madame, Monsieur, l’expression de mes salutations distinguées.

You will get an appointment time and address with the prefecture.

But if you live in Flatmates or in a different place you will need to write to the prefecture close to your home. For example, if you live at Flatmates under Val de Marne department inside Creteil prefecture, you should write to

#2. Prepare for the interview

Prepare the documents this is a matter of filling paperwork in French and see the documents stipulating the requirements below. But usually (and I mean usually), the prefecture would attach a PDF in their reply email telling you what you need to bring.

#3. Go to the interview

No reason to be stressed. You will have to get a ticket. Always arrive 30 minutes earlier. Even though you have an appointment they work with printed turns, so just try to be patient. Most French government workers don’t speak English. So, please bring along Google Translate or a friend who could speak French or be daring to ask others to help you. You will have to present the documents which only the ones in French normally are the ones that they care about. That means to translate the documents if you consider them quite important. You can get your embassy in Paris to translate it for you or find an authorized translator in the list of government authorized translators in France. Now as far as the interview goes is nothing strange they will not ask you much just you show them the papers and if they are all good then you get a récépissé (a receipt) printed with the photo you give them and you walk out in 30 minutes with that.

Important to consider you don’t need to pay the Timbre online (€269). Yet as they don’t ask you for it, only pay it before the day you go to pick your titre de séjour, that’s when they will ask you for it. The only important thing here is that you must give them your correct phone number while you are in France. Because they will send you a SMS notifying that your carte de sejour is ready for collection. Nope, they won’t email you. I suggest getting a local French phone number from Free Mobile (€9 per month for 60GB) or Lyca Mobile since both allow expatriates without a proper visa yet to subscribe to their post-paid or prepaid plans. Both have decent prices, not the best coverage but sufficient to survive in Paris.

#4. Pick up your residence card

You will have to go again to the prefecture to pick the carte de sejour. The day you feel more local than the locals. You will have to make a line. If you can come very early as it also works with printed turns. In any way, you can’t skip the line so be patient. You will have to show the copy of the timbre you bought online and you bring the receipt (récépissé) and they will exchange it for your document with a 4-year stay permit and that’s all.

If by any chance your récépissé expires you always can go directly to the prefecture without an appointment, one week before it expires, and they will renew it for another 3 months.

More info on this subject and what documents you need to prepare please read this.

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