September 6, 2017


Seminar: Getting Ready For Digital Economy – Sarawak Government, State Planning Unit

“Speaker (Melvin) is knowledgeable in digital economy and eCommerce. Learnt a lot from today’s presentation” – Lena

“Very interesting. In line with State Government vision to embrace to digital economy. I want to know more about digital initiative around the world. A subject close to heart since I am the regular online user. Good to know what happened around the world on digital economy” – Lina Rees

“Very good explanation on subject matter; sharing experience/info that never heard” – Rahim Tamel

“The speaker has provided broad understanding about the digital world; speaker is knowledgeable and with vast experience” – Jane

“Excellent presentation and sharing by Mr. Melvin; good contents & examples; TQ” – Steward Sayong

“Informative and enlightening; speaker is knowledgeable and enthusiastic in his presentation” – Rosalind Ngu

“Good info on digital and e-commerce” – Alexander Chu

Workshop: How to Start Your Online Business – For Sarawak

“I think it’s kinda useful for those who are interested to do online business. I’ve learned a lot of things that I didn’t know about, which I feel is really cool” – Jenny Wong

“Today’s workshop is awesome and keep it up. I learned a lot of new things from your workshop. Thank you very much” – Mohd Syafiq

“Great workshop with many marketing tools that I have never used before” – Selwynn Edward

“This seminar How to Start Your Online Business is awesome!” – Norhasimah Hassan

“Awesome and beneficial. Giving this seminar 5 stars” – Ronnie Ula

“Interesting, covered a lot of basics and gave good ideas, examples and websites to refer to. Looking forward to other sessions such as Instagram marketing  and eCommerce” – Kiran Sandhu

“Nice workshop for new entrepreneur. Gained useful information.” – Cindy Sim Sin Yee

Great insight for online business. – Nehemia Raymond

“Great and give me knowledge about online business basic. Good luck and fighting!!” – Dayang Suriati

Interesting and informative. – Amber Wong

“Well presented!” – Shairul Fahme Saidi

It is well presented and easy to understand.Chan Beng Huat

Workshop: Build Your Website in 8 Hours

“Melvin, thank you very much for provide details information for us. Nice environment and foods; Thank you for borrowing me your laptop; We learn a lot useful knowledge through this workshop.” – Starry

“Very informative and practical. Awesome!” – Aileen

“Is good, a lot of information given. Thanks.” – Welson Tay

“Great Sharing. Learn lots of things and will start the website soon.” – Yenny Salim

“Thank you for the very detailed and very in depth workshop.” – Denise Lim

Workshop is very informative. I learned a lot from this workshop.” – Chai Sook Chin

“Fruitful seminar and had learned a lot. Thanks Melvin.” – Vivian

“I get knowledge in how to build up a simple website.Tay Hui Chin

“Workshop with very detail(ed) information. – Ho Tien Ying

Workshop: Build Your eCommerce Website in 8 Hours

“A very hands on and comprehensive course. The small numbers of people make learning very easy to understand and knowledge easy to implement.” – Nor Farah Fatimah

“Learn a bit about SEO today and a lot about plug-ins/extensions that are available on WordPress. Unfortunately, I suffered a bit of technical problems.” – Aaron Then

“Gain insight of the step to create a functional website to see online and knowledge of using WordPress and WooCommerce.” – Chiew Tat Nam

“A workshop in a small group makes it easier to have our question answered. It also allow us to have more personal guidance; The content of the workshop are all on-point on exactly what i need.” – Zyneelia Husain