Kek Lapis is Searched Almost 10,000 Times Each Month on Google


Do you know that Sarawakians search up to 10,000 times for Kek Lapis every month? The exact search term of “kek lapis sarawak” receive huge monthly searches within the Sarawak region while other popular keywords like restaurants, car, hotels and even nasi lemak enjoy the same attention, according to Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool. The table below depicts some popular keywords Sarawakians are searching online.

Top search terms on Google for Sarawak

Drive Online Users to Your Shop With Online to Offline (O2O)

What does this mean for Sarawak entrepreneurs? Obviously, there are exceptional demands for these items and Sarawakians should take advantage of this by driving online users to their offline businesses. Which brings to mind the concept of Online to Offline (O2O). The very basic idea of running an online business could be as simple as generating online leads for your offline (traditional) business. An online user searches for a term on Google and your website appears on the search result. The user visits your website and in turn lead them to your shop. The sales transaction happens in your shop, not online. That is the simplest form of an online business and clearly easiest to implement. All you need is a website that ranks well on Google search.

WANTED: More Kek Lapis, Restaurant, Hotel and Nasi Lemak Websites

Let’s dig further. At the time of this writing, a simple search for Kek Lapis Sarawak yields a list of websites on Google search, where some are duplicated while some are basically “fillers” from YouTube. What this evidently shows is there is an abundance of space for more websites to appear on the first page. The second result page only depicts a list of rather irrelevant sites showing TripAdvisor, Pinterest and The Star articles that talk broadly about the subject.

An attempt at the keyword “restaurants” results in numerous distance websites which include restaurants in West Malaysia such as Four Seasons, Tamarind and The Chateau, although I’m searching from Kuching. Nasi lemak results also offer less on where to find the food but more on information about this popular Malaysian staple dish.

The search term “hotel in kuching” which garners about 10,000 searches each month produced a list where Hilton Kuching, Waterfront Hotel and Habour View appear on the first page, but being over-shadowed by more popular OTA (Online Travel Agency) websites like Agoda, and Trivago who sit higher on the ranking.

This shows that there is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to tap on these searches and get their websites ranked high on Google to generate more traffic to their websites and eventually more footfalls to their outlets.

Lack of Competition for Search Result Spaces in Sarawak

Overall, there aren’t many companies bidding for a seat on the Google search page targeting Sarawak. That void of fierce competition, unlike on the global Google search, offers a less-travelled path for Sarawak’s local entrepreneurs to gain more visibility in the online space. Now is certainly the right time for these local businesses to realize the remarkable business potential of digital technology and to exploit it down to its very core. It doesn’t take a programmer to build a website these days or to rank them high on Google result page. All you need is just the knowledge, commitment and the foresight to tell that digital is the future. If you wish to learn to get your business online, check out our digital training workshops happening near you.