Build website in 8 hours workshop photo

The Digital Future Looks Bright for 17 Amazing Online Entrepreneurs

It was an astounding experience to educate more forthcoming online entrepreneurs on website development on 5th August, 2017. We initially limited the class to just 10 participants but due to popular demand, we welcomed 17 attendees in total. Due to some technical glitches, we provided additional 4 hours of extra sessions to all our participants in the[…]

Comparison Between Website and Facebook Page

When you’re starting a business, especially a traditional offline company, please know the difference between a Facebook page and a website. It’s easy for a new business to just rely on their Facebook page as their simple mean to have an online presence but one should know the difference between the two. A Facebook page serves[…]

Top 10 common mistakes of first time online entrepreneur

Top 10 Common Mistakes By First-time Online Entrepreneurs

In my past 13 year journey as an online entrepreneur, I went through mistakes that I can’t help to notice that others also tend to make when they just started. I had mentored some startups and dozens of teams in hackathons and from my standpoint, most of them always tend to fall into a similar mindset (including me) when[…]

Sell kek lapis online

Kek Lapis is Searched Almost 10,000 Times Each Month on Google

Do you know that Sarawakians search up to 10,000 times for Kek Lapis every month? The exact search term of “kek lapis sarawak” receive huge monthly searches within the Sarawak region while other popular keywords like restaurants, car, hotels and even nasi lemak enjoy the same attention, according to Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool. The table below[…]

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Solid Turn-out for Our Sold-out Seminar

There was a big turn-out for our How to Start Your Online Business seminar that happened on Saturday, 15th July, from 9:30am and extended until 4pm (originally scheduled to end by 3pm). About 80 participants from all walks of life attended the event, from students to homemakers. Most were enthusiastically keen into starting their online business while[…]

food truck business online tips

5 Online Tips For Food Trucks to Grow Their Business

They say Millennials are the food truck generation, where 47 percent of them have eaten from a food truck in the U.S. As the world consumes this ongoing gourmet trend, you shall be seeing more trucks lining up outside our office or your school. On the flip side, food truck entrepreneurs are trying to make a living serving[…]

Malaysia Digital Economy Statistics

Malaysia Digital Economy & Ecommerce Statistics

Infographic on the digital market landscape in Malaysia The following infographic depicts the overall Malaysia digital economy outlook covering aspects such as penetration rates from home and mobile Internet users to online banking adoption. E-commerce growth and consumption behaviour also play a vital role in this new economy and could be the major influence of change[…]